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Guide de France
Maison Du Tilleul-argenté Courcome

Regional interests - Adventuring Further Out

La Rochelle

The historic sea port where you can hire a yellow bicycle to explore the architectural heritage, sample speciality foods and wines, visit museums and enjoy the heritage of this thriving city on the Atlantic Ocean. There is the bridge to the Ile de Re to admire, the old harbour and the new yacht marina, which shows how important yachting and maritime business is to La Rochelle now, and has been in the past
For the romantics thinking of visiting, think of the Three Musketeers, the Scarlet Pimpernel and Angelique. All have connections with La Rochelle and the area along the coast.


If you're interested in porcelain then this is the place to go, both to purchase and look at examples in the Museums. There are also workshops in porcelain painting and the lectures as part of the Louvre Art school series.
If you are interested in the history of the area then there are many roman sites around Limoges, and Richard the Lionheart was apparently killed by a crossbow bolt wound just south of the city in 1199.

There is more recent history as the city was the headquarters of the Maquis resistance movement in the Second World War.

Royan and the coast
(2.5 hours drive)

Royan is one of France's largest seaside resorts, with a large market, a harbour and marina, and the ferry to the Pointe de Grave (on the Bordeaux peninsular).
It was made famous in the 1820’s when sea bathing first became healthy and popular, and now has some of France’s foremost Thalassotherapy institutes sited there. There are many maritime activities here for the family and classes especially for children too, not to mention the long sandy beach which is ideal for a lazy sunbathing day. There is also the Zoo at close by Palmyre.

For those of you who want an “all-over-tan” there are a number of well run sites suitable for couples and families just down the coast but be warned, body piercing and tattoos are frowned upon and not permitted in many places.

Bordeaux and vineyards

Take home a case or two. What more needs to be said? Well apart from the fantastic white and red wines from the area, the City of Bordeaux is also worth visiting.
It has recently undergone modernisation and renovations making the central area much nicer to wander through, for shopping, stopping at the cafes and chocolatieries, and watching the hustle and bustle of metropolitan France go by.
Aubeterre sur Dronne

"One of the most beautiful villages in France"
This village is on the Charente – Dordogne border, and you almost fall into this village when you arrive.
As well as being very pretty, there are historical sights including the 12th Centuty Église Monolithe (which has 6th century origins), the Chateau and the church of St Jacques
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