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Maison Du Tilleul-argenté Courcome

Local interests - Adventuring Out

Cycling, Walking, Sightseeing, Swimming, Canoeing, Horse riding, Kayaking are all available locally

For village fairs and exhibitions, we check the local tourist office for adverts, and scan the bi-monthly ‘Sortir – Label Charente’, a magazine that lists most anything going on – vintage car rallies, art fairs, romantic dinner dances and holiday festivities. We have a variety of brochures for the local attractions, and the flyers for the local events.


A delightful old market town with a medieval quarter. Its ancient church, whose façade is decorated with pillars and statues, dates back to the twelfth century.
Don’t miss Wednesday and Saturday mornings when the outside stalls and indoor market are brimming with farm produce - fruit, vegetables, cheeses, organic meat, and a dazzling array of fish fresh from the nearby Atlantic.

Everyone goes to shop and gossip.


A ten-minute drive brings you to the magnificent, recently restored, Chateau of Verteuil, whose slate, conical towers soar above the town. The Château will soon be open to the public for the first time in its history. A waterfall thunders into the Charente, which is so clear that you can see shoals of fish.


Sip wine and tuck into a pâté, cheese and salad lunch with a crusty fresh baguette at this idyllic picnic spot on the banks of the Charente. Watch the swans glide majestically upriver and listen to the rhythmic swoosh as the huge wheel of the old stone watermill churns through the water. Immense willow trees provide welcome shade from the sun and there’s swimming for adults and a sheltered shallow inlet where young children can splash happily and safely. Canoes can be hired cheaply to paddle up the river which glides through the woods and peaceful meadows.

Gardens open to the public include the fuchsia garden at Mansle
and the mediaeval monastic garden at Tusson.

Tusson is a small medieval town much loved by Marguerite d'Angoulême. She withdrew there after the death of her brother, François 1st. In the streets, fine houses with watch towers stand side by side with Renaissance residences. Tussonhas a medieval monastery garden of the sort which existed in most convents. Reconstructed with the help of documents from the period, it is composed of vegetables which were grown in the 12th and 15th centuries.

La Rochefoucauld chateau

Open to the public but privately owned by a family whose ancestral tree includes Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots and several other British monarchs,
You can also follow the trail of Richard the Lionheart from here

Forêt de la Braconne

Right on our doorstep. Walking and cycling on miles of farm and forest trails. Wildlife in abundance - Wild boar, deer, red squirrels, buzzards, golden orioles, hoopoo etc.
Also the remains of a flying fortress from World War 2 were found here.
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