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Maison Du Tilleul-argenté Courcome


This area of the Charente has its own micro climate which makes it the second sunniest department in France. The temperatures start rising in March, through a hot summer (high 20s/ low 30 degrees C) and can often still be in the 20s until late October. This has been taken advantage of since early settlers arrived as the land is fertile and the climate good.

For those interested in history there are many sites of early settlement that can be visited, and the area has been visited by many notable characters – Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart and Caesar with his roman legions are a few examples.

Natural highlights include immense golden sunflowers – another Charentaise attraction – gracing every other field during July, and grapes harvests in Autumn for the winemaking . Spring sees carpets of wildflowers in the hedgerows and forests. . Birdlife (for those birdwatchers amongst you) include the Hoopoo in April & May along with nightingales singing in the gardens. Summertime brings the swallows and stone curlews and many other varieties.

In the Poitou-Charente, eating is always a feast with fish from the sea, shellfish such as the renowned Marennes-Oléron oysters and also freshwater-fish: eel, trout and pike. The local area is especially famed for its goat’s cheese, many varieties of which can be tasted and purchased from the market stalls along with farmhouse Fois Gras and the blackened Cheese Tart which is delicious inside. Seasonal specialities include the renowned Charentais melons, asparagus from Blaye, and prime meats including venison, boar and wild fowl.

Also popular in the area are Cognac (odd that), Pineau des Charentes (a local aperitif), and the light fruity wines from Haut-Poitou, Deux-Sèvres and the Charente. For more "serious" wine, the vineyards of Bordeaux are within easy reach.
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